Back to School Shoes Guide

Back to School Shoes Guide

The back to school shop can become a treacherous endeavour, but with this simple guide, there is no reason to worry.

Using the checklist below and our help with choosing the best school shoes for your sons and daughters, you’ll be ready for the ‘back to school’ season without the hassle!

Back to School Checklist 2022

These are the main, important items and clothing needed if your child is going back to school in September:

  • School Uniform
  • School Shoes
  • Indoor and Outdoor P.E Clothes
  • P.E and School Trip Shoes, i.e. Trainers/Pumps
  • Bag or Backpack
  • Lunch Box
  • Stationary (e.g. pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator, books)

How to choose good quality school shoes

The main factor to take into consideration when purchasing school shoes is durability - this is because the shoes will most likely be your child's most worn shoe during the year.

School shoes being comfy is a huge must. Your child will most definitely tell you if their shoes are uncomfortable. Similar to the first factor, if they are your child's most worn shoe, then they have to be comfortable.

The style of a school shoe is also important. Wearing your favourite style of shoes to school can make children feel happier and more comfortable. Once all of these factors are met, you know that the school shoes you have found are the perfect fit.

Our top school shoe picks for girls

We have compiled a list of all our best school shoe picks for girls below, so you can choose from a range of top quality, popular brands and save time endlessly scrolling through the web.

Hush Puppies Kerry

The Hush Puppies Kerry are a T-bar school shoe that are classically designed but, with the chunky sole, with a great modern twist. This chunky sole allows for better grip whilst giving your child’s feet extra protection and support when running around the playground.


The lining within the shoe is micro-fresh and also padded, keeping feet dry and fresh whilst providing all-day comfort.


The shoe itself is buckle fastened and comes with the iconic ‘Fit Left / Fit Right’ fitting system.

Hush Puppies Tally

This school shoe is perfect for the classroom and the playground as it is classy and comfortable. The Hush Puppies Tally shoe is fastened through a hook and loop system, allowing for easy on/off.


Accompanied with padded lining, it gives great support and comfort throughout the day. The micro-fresh lining helps keep your child’s feet fresh and dry.


As a bonus, the upper part of the shoe is made of black patent leather; sleek and smart for school.

Kickers Kick Lo

The Kickers Kick Lo school shoe is made up of patent leather uppers and partial leather liners. The collar of the shoe is padded to allow for added comfort and the soft padded footbed adds even more support to this shoe.


The rubber outsole makes the shoe durable as well as being triple stitched, allowing it to be ready for whatever your child throws at them.

Hush Puppies Kiera

A great quality and durable chunky sole on the Hush Puppies Kiera school shoe both supports and protects your child’s feet when in the classroom, and especially when in the playground.


Extra padded lining with a heel counter gives comfort throughout the day and the micro-fresh lining allows feet to stay fresh and dry all day.

Our top school shoe picks for boys


The school shoes chosen and linked below are our personal favourites as they meet all the wanted factors when shopping for school shoes: durable, comfy and stylish.


Hush Puppies Jezza

Boys will be boys and this shoe will keep up with just that. The Hush Puppies Jezza shoe has a double velcro strap to allow for easy fastening and a better fit. The shoe is padded at the tongue and at the ankle to give extra support and more comfort.


The rubber outsole is textured, making the shoe more sturdy, and it is also extended at the toe and at the heel which protects the shoe, making it very robust and durable.


Hush Puppy shoes also come in three different width options for sizing. All Hush Puppies come with a standard F fitting insole which can be swapped for a red insole, if needed, for a more narrow foot or a blue insole which is for a wider foot.

Kickers Adlar

These soft tumbled leather, lace-up smart boots are the perfect fit for any younger boy. Both the tongue and heel are equipped with small tags to allow for easy on/off. The rubber sole and foam cushion footbed gives both support and comfort.


The Adlar school shoe is also equipped with micro-fresh technology, keeping the boot odour free for longer. The outsole is also durable and supportive, keeping your child ready for the day no matter what they are up to.

Kickers Tovni

These sporty, athletic trainers are bang on trend ready for the back to school season. Made with patent leather, they are comfortable, durable and water resistant.


This lace up shoe has discreet and stylish black eyelets. The micro-fresh technology reduces foot odours throughout the day, keeping feet fresh and dry. The Tovni school shoe has it all: durability, comfort and style. This makes it the perfect school shoe.

Buckle My Shoe Lace Up


The Rush lace up school shoes made by Buckle my Shoe are a smart, timeless classic. These shoes best suit boys in the upper years of primary and, depending on their shoe size, into secondary school.

The smooth black leather and padded interior and sole gives great comfort. The rubber outsole is robust and durable, and has a 2cm heel on the back for extra height.

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