Back to School Tips for Parents, from Parents

Back to School Tips for Parents, from Parents

Back to school can be a troubling time with what to buy, where to buy, when to buy and how to work all this out. Luckily you’re not alone and we’ve gathered other parent’s helpful tips to help you out when organising your child or children ahead of going back to school.

Top back to school tips from parents and guardians

We have asked parents what their best back to school tips are to make your life a whole lot easier and have compiled them into this one place to make sure you’re not missing out on this helpful information.


1. Be Organised


“The tip that has helped me the most has been making sure I was organised, meaning I had all of my daughter’s uniform, P.E. kit etc. ready, as well as her lunches and all of her stationary bits.

I would also recommend doing as much as you can in advance, e.g. packing the lunch box and preparing the uniform and school bag the night before. It makes the school morning much more pleasant!”


2. Use Folders

“My tip is for parents of kids in years 7-10 especially. Get two/three sets of different coloured A4 zippy folders (they're easily purchased in stationery shops). Use each one for a different subject - into the folder goes the textbook, workbook, worksheets and handouts, other loose pages, any project work, anything associated with that subject.

I have found it helps keep kids much more organised and less likely to lose materials and homework. Having coloured folders also makes it easier for kids to organise themselves.”

  • Caolán McManus via Twitter

3. The perfect timing to buy school shoes


    “Purchasing school shoes too early may lead to them not fitting later down the line, causing you to have to go for a last minute shop to find some. Instead, purchase them two to three weeks before, meaning your child will fit in them for longer. This will also help you to not waste money.”

    • Annabelle Berry


    4. Start bedtime routines early


    “Staying up for late nights through the summer is an easy habit for children to slip into, but as back to school gets closer and closer it is very important to slowly change your child's sleeping routine as getting them up straight away will not help and only cause more stress for yourself.”

    •  Brian Jensen


    5. Talk about their worries

    “It is possible that your child may be nervous about going back to school because of having a new teacher or classroom or it could even be because it’s their first ever time going into school. This is especially important to discuss during the transition between primary and secondary school.”
    • Rob Smith

    6. Celebrate the first day back

    “Celebrating the first day back will help remove the first day back worries. You can do this how you want, whether it's a treat after they come back or if it's with a cake, balloons and some educational appliances and gifts all rolled into one before you set off or the day before.”

    • Juniper Kent


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