The Best Boots and Shoes for Hiking

The Best Boots and Shoes for Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get out into nature and experience all the great views the UK and other countries have to offer. However, if the proper attire, especially the correct footwear, is not worn, it could end in a nasty injury.

Many injuries, such as sprains or breaks, happen to people whilst hiking. 9 times out of 10, when an injury happens, it is because the person involved is not equipped with the correct attire.

Compiled here are both the best boots and the best shoes available when it comes to hiking.

What to look for in hiking footwear

When hiking, one of the main things that is needed is support on your knee joints and around the ankle to limit the possibility of an injury. When hiking in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable - having waterproof footwear is beneficial as it could be sunny one minute and torrential rain the next.

Hiking footwear must be breathable, flexible and sturdy to make sure your feet stay comfortable at all times whilst on your hike. All these attributes make up the perfect hiking boot.

The best hiking boots

1. Hi-Tec Endeavour Boots    

A great choice for men is the Hi-Tec Endeavour Boots. These boots are of great quality and are equipped with a waterproof, breathable membrane, meaning that your feet stay dry from both the external elements and internal sweat.

The suede leather allows for both comfort and durability. In both the heel and the toe cap, there is a protective plating to ensure your feet are protected at all times whilst on your hike.

The Vibram outsole also gives support and cushions every step whilst giving you great grip through all weather conditions.


2. Hi-Tec Carbon Walking Boots

For women, the Hi-Tec Psych Carbon Walking Boots are the best choice. They are waterproof and breathable as all good walking boots are, and have both a heel and a toe cap for added protection.

The midsole has been moulded especially to create more comfort. The rubber outsole is lightweight but still gives large amounts of grip and support.

As an added bonus, this walking boot is also environmentally friendly and sustainable as it is made from vegan leather. The other materials used are 100% responsibly sourced and all polyester used is 100% recycled.

The walking boot itself is also the recommended boot by the Duke of Edinburgh Award


3. Hi-Tec Children’s Altitude Boots

Hiking is a great way to spend time together as a family, but it is important to make sure that your children are also in the correct attire. The best hiking boot for children is Hi-Tec’s Childrens Altitude li Jx Boots.

Through whatever your child throws at them, these boots will keep up. They are made with Hi-Tec’s signature waterproof and breathable membrane, meaning even if they run through puddles, their feet will still stay dry.

The lightweight leather material means they are highly durable and are further cushioned inside for added comfort when on long walks.


4. Hi-Tec Michelin Hiking Boots

Here at Hirst Footwear, our personal favourite is the Hi-Tec Altitude Vi Michelin Hiking Boots. These leather boots are easily dependable as they are comfortable, waterproof and durable.

The premium leather is coated in an I-shield which repels both water and dirt and also makes the boot resistant to stains. Dri-Tec membrane always ensures that your feet stay dry too.

The insoles are made from a slow recovery foam, giving you superior cushioning with long lasting comfort. A Michelin outsole gives a high-performing grip underfoot no matter what the terrain.

The best hiking shoes

 1. Skechers Skech-Air Shoes

The best hiking shoes for men are the Skechers Skech-Air Envoy Shoes. This athletic style hiking shoe allows you to feel like you are walking on air with the air cooled memory foam cushioned insoles.

The goodyear outsole gives greater traction, stability and durability. The shoes also repel water, keeping your feet dry in adverse weather conditions.

2. Skechers Skech-Air Shoes

A stylish and comfortable fit for the ladies are the Skechers’ Ladies Selmen West Highland Walking Shoes. Their relaxed fit along with Skechers Air-cooled memory foam cushioned insole allows for extra comfort.

They have a waterproof seam sealed construction, meaning they are breathable as well. The flexible rubber outsole gives better traction and grip on any terrain.


3. Hi-Tec Jaguar Hiking Shoes

Another great shoe which has the ladies covered for short hikes or everyday walking are the Hi-Tec Jaguar Hiking Shoes. The synthetic rubber and mesh create a durable and comfy shoe.

Moisture wicking lining keeps your feet dry and fresh while on your walks. The compression moulded midsole ensures your feet are being cushioned and supported during the entirety of your walk and other walks to come.

The aggressive rubber outsole gives you a great amount of traction, limiting the possibility of slipping.

 4. Hi-Tec Bandera Low Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes tend to be best worn when you know that the hike isn’t too harsh when it comes to uneven paths. This is because they lack the ankle support which hiking boots give you.

In our opinion, the Hi-Tec Bandera ii Low Hiking Shoes are the best hiking shoes out there. This is because they are equipped with the Dri-Tec membrane which is both waterproof and breathable.

The insole is removable, meaning you can choose from a range of Hi-Tec insoles to get the correct support and cushioning for your feet.

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