The Best Shoes for Travelling

The Best Shoes for Travelling

When travelling, it is important that you find the perfect pair of shoes to keep you comfortable on your adventures. If your feet aren’t supported, protected and comfortable, it can ruin your day - no one wants that, especially when you’re out and about!

This guide is here for this reason, to make sure you get the right travel shoes for you.

What features are important in travel footwear?

There are a multitude of factors when it comes to finding the perfect shoe for your travels.


One factor is the overall comfort. These are shoes that you will be wearing a lot, meaning if it comes down to it, it’s comfort over fashion as constantly travelling around in uncomfortable shoes will only cause pain in your feet.


Another factor is functionality. Think about where it is that you are going and what is going to be needed; whether you need shoes that are waterproof because the climate guarantees precipitation, or that the environment will be very dry and hot, meaning it best to purchase breathable shoes.

You may need shoes that can provide by being both waterproof and breathable as the climate is tropical.


Considering the weight is important too. When travelling, your baggage will have to be a specific weight, especially when it comes to boarding a plane. Hiking boots may not be the best option as they are quite clunky and heavy, whereas some slip on trainers would be perfect.

As well as weight, there is also space within your luggage to think about too.


Lastly, the overall durability is crucial - you really don’t want to be going on holiday and have to be buying shoes out there because the ones you purchased back home have broken.

This links to the price of the shoe as well, as you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and not being overcharged.

Our top travel footwear picks

It is important to us here at Hirst Footwear that we can supply everyone with their perfect pair of travel shoes, so compiled below are our top picks in each category.

No matter what holiday you have planned, from relaxing beside the pool to exploring a new world, we’ve got you covered.

Best travel shoes for hiking and walking

Hiking and walking in a new country is one of the best ways to see new landscapes and experience what new places have to offer. When doing this, you’ll want your feet to be comfortable and supported.

Some of the best hiking boots for travelling for men are the Skechers Selmen Telago Hiking Boots. The exterior materials, consisting of leather, synthetic and a mesh fabric, allows for the boots to be waterproof and durable. An air cooled memory foam insole gives extra support and even more comfort.

For the women on their hiking travels, there areHi-tec’s Ravus Adventure Hiking Boots. These boots are perfect for all weather environments and all terrains. Their waterproof and breathable membrane gives protection to any treacherous weather conditions. Attached to the sole is a EVA midsole which works effortlessly on any terrain by absorbing impacts to take wear and tear off your joints.

Best travel shoes for ultimate comfort

Hearing complaints when you’re on holiday can be highly irritating, especially when it comes from your kids. To make sure they won’t complain about their feet, equip them with Skechers Microspec Max Torvix Trainers.

These lightweight, slip-on trainers will have your children feeling like they are walking on air with their breathable mesh fabric and cushioned comfort insoles.

Best flat travel shoes

The Ladies Skechers Go Walk Smart Shoes leave you no room to find better, comfier and more fashionable shoes. Equipped with Ultra Go cushioning and Comfort Pillar Technology, you cannot go wrong. This technology gives you extreme comfort and support no matter how far you walk.

Best travel shoes for support

Not only are the Skechers Crowder Colton Shoes stylish and fashionable, they also give added support on both your soles and to your ankle joints!

This added support is made available through the Skechers air-cooled memory foam insole that is breathable and also has high-rebound cushioning.

Best travel shoes for casual travel

The best casual shoes for travelling are trail runners, smaller, lightweight hiking shoes and cushioned sneakers. We provide a great array of all kinds of shoes made for casual travel. One of our favourites is the Skechers Bobs Squad Trainers.

These trainers cushion and support your feet like no other, with Skechers memory foam insole combined with a sporty shock absorbing midsole which is contoured.

The outsole of the trainer is a flexible rubber and as it is contoured, it allows for great levels of traction.

Best travel sandals

If you’re planning a beach holiday or maybe planning on being next to a lake a lot, then you can guarantee that at some point, your feet will get wet. Rocks and other debris can be lethal under water as sometimes they are hard to see. Hi-tec’s Wild-life Vyper Sandals are the perfect fit for anyone looking to do just this on holiday.

These lightweight and adjustable sandals are the greatest companion for any walk on those warmer days. With their ultra absorbing and high rebound soles, you can be assured that your feet will feel light as feathers whilst walking, and after.

Best sporty travel shoes

An early morning run abroad can be a great feeling and a great way to kick off the day to then relax. With the Hi-tec Running Trainers for women, you will not be let down. This lightweight shoe allows you to train in comfort and keeps your feet fresh with its breathable mesh. The added protection in the sole gives you an extra spring in your step.

If you love to have an exercise or an early morning jog when on holiday, we have you covered. The men’s Hi-tec Ascent Xt Trail Running Shoes are designed exceptionally well, with breathable membrane and a rigorous yet cushioned sole to give extra support and a high level of intense durability.

Best travel shoes for staying fashionable

We would recommend putting comfort over fashion when finding the right travel shoes, but, if we had to go against that statement and choose a shoe for travelling in style, we would have to go for the ladies Wrangler Lace Up Shoes.

These rose gold, dusky pink trainers are perfect for those Instagram pics when doing your travelling in style.

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