The Best Skechers Walking Shoes

The Best Skechers Walking Shoes

Skechers are one of the leading brands globally, providing comfortable and reliable walking shoes that are loved by those of all ages.

At Hirst Footwear, we stock a variety of different Skechers trainers that are ideal for walking, running or simply exploring the great outdoors.

Are Skechers trainers good for walking?

Yes, Skechers trainers are great for walking and the brand is renowned globally for their innovative styles that provide comfort and support with every step.

Skechers are a long time leader in walking shoes, with a variety of different styles including the casual walkers, ramblers, the more serious trekkers and everyone in between.

What to look for in a good pair of walking shoes

There are a few key elements you should look for when choosing a pair of walking shoes, including the following:

  • Cushioning¬†- Most walking shoes are well-cushioned with thick midsoles and plenty of shock absorbing properties.

  • Stability¬†- Good walking shoes should feel stable while you‚Äôre walking, without any wobbling. Shoes with wide soles will help to provide this stability.

  • Well-made uppers¬†- Walking shoe uppers should be breathable, durable as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Good breathability will help your feet from getting hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

  • Traction¬†- If you‚Äôre an avid walker you will likely experience a variety of terrain, including wet surfaces, muddy trails and grass. As of this, it‚Äôs important you have a pair of walking shoes that provide great traction on a variety of conditions.

Skechers walking shoe collections

At Hirst Footwear, we have a range of different walking shoes from a variety of different Skechers collections.

One of the most popular collections by Skechers is the GoWalk range which feature ultra-light cushioning and flexible insoles for the ultimate walking experience.

The Skechers Arch Fit collection allows you to stride in comfort thanks to the Podiatrist- designed shape which has been developed with 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted foot scans.

The best Skechers walking shoes

Listed below are some of the top Skechers walking shoes that will keep your feet comfortable and supported with every step.

Best overall

The Skechers Mens D’Lux Walker Black/White Shoes are a great all round walking shoe thanks to the lace-up athletic design and the air-cooled memory foam cushioned insoles.


The relaxed fit offers a roomy fit from the toe to heel, and the Skech-foam cushioned mid-soles provide support for walking and running. These shoes also have flexible traction outsoles which are great for a variety of different surfaces.

The Skechers Ladies Max Cushioning Elite Black/White add cushioning and support to any run or walk thanks to the ULTRA Go cushioned insole. The virtually seamless mesh fabric uppers provide breathability and comfort, while the lightweight and flexible parametric web outsoles provide multi-surface traction.


Forefoot Flex grooves aid with flexibility and promote a smooth transition with every step while the mid-foot strike zone promotes efficiency with every stride.


Best for daily walks

The Skechers Mens Bounder Frazin Slate Lightweight Vegan Trainer Shoes are an athletic style of trainer that combine comfort and style to make these trainers ideal for wearing everyday. These lace-up trainers feature breathable synthetic uppers with air cooled memory foam comfort insoles and ULTRA light cushioning.


These shoes also feature flexible traction outsoles, making them ideal for wearing on an everyday basis. They are also machine washable, which is ideal for those walking in rain or shine.

Skechers Flex Appeal 4.0 Brilliant View Navy/Lavender Trainer Shoes are the perfect sporty and stylish walking shoes that are ideal for everyday wear. These lace-up trainers feature athletic mesh uppers with air-cooled memory foam insoles which are perfect for those who take daily walks.


The Flex Lite shock absorbing insoles and super flexible rubber traction outsoles are ideal for wear on a variety of different terrains and they are even machine washable too, meaning even the dirtiest of walks can’t beat these trainers.


Best for long walks

The Skechers Mens Selmen Cormack Dark Taupe Relaxed Fit Waterproof Shoes are the ideal shoe for long walks, from flat surfaces to more elevated paths. These outdoor trainers feature waterproof leather, synthetic and mesh uppers with a laced-up front and cushioned air-cooled memory foam soles.


The durable leather makes these trainers ideal for wearing on a variety of environments, from wet surfaces to muddy trails, and you can have peace of mind knowing your feet will be comfortable no matter how long your walks are.


The Skechers Hillcrest Pure Escapade Navy Turquoise Walking Trail Shoes will have you ready for any kind of trail thanks to the sporty yet supportive walking trail design that features leather and synthetic uppers and memory foam insoles.


The lace-up design means these trainers will stay secure on your feet, whilst the ¬Ĺ inch heel will help to provide stability and balance while you walk.

The Skechers Mens Go Walk Flex Remark Grey Charcoal Trainers Shoes are an innovative lace-up style of trainer that feature breathable air cooled Goga Mat insoles and ultra go cushioning and flex pillars for added support.


They also feature high rebound cushioning, which is great when walking on uneven surfaces, as well as flexible traction outsoles and ortholite comfort foam insoles which have a high level of breathability.



Skechers Ladies Dynamight 2.0 Daytime Stride Navy Lace Up Shoes provide all the comfort you need thanks to the memory foam cushioned insoles and the Skech-air cushioned shock-absorbing midsoles.


The athletic mesh uppers are also incredibly comfortable and the slip on bungee lace-up style makes them incredibly easy to slip on and off.


Best support

The Skechers Mens Voston Reever Oliver/Black Vegan Relaxed Fit Shoes are a relaxed yet supportive pair of trainers that feature stretch laces, air cooled memory foam and Goga mat arches for additional support.


The knitted fabric is made from 60% recycled polyester, as well as 20% recycled EVA midsole which is ideal for preventing any blisters or sores while still providing a lot of support.

The Skechers Ladies Max Cushioning Elite Limitless Intensity Shoes are an athletic engineered style of trainer that feature ultra go cushioned platform and air cooled Goga mat insoles for a supported experience with every step.


The ortholite comfort insole layers add cushioning and a high level of breathability which keeps feet comfortable and supported. These trainers also feature forefoot flex grooves, as well as durable and flexible outsoles for multi-surface traction.


Best slip-on

Skechers Mens Summits High Range Slip Ins Shoes are an ideal slip on shoe that provides comfort and support, all while keeping your foot securely in place. This style features a unique pop-up slip-in moulded heel panel and mesh uppers with fixed, elasticated uppers.

The exclusive heel pillow ensures your feet are held securely in place, and the air cooled memory foam cushioned insoles ensures your feet stay comfortable.

The Skechers Womens Slip Ins Navy Trainers allow you to step into effortless comfort, thanks to the hand free slip-in design with Ultra flex insoles. These trainers are also designed with Skechers exclusive heel pillow, which makes sure feet are securely held in place.

This style features Stretch fit engineered uppers with decorative laces, as well as air cooled memory foam insoles that will ensure your feet stay comfortable all day long.

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