Best Slippers for Women

Best Slippers for Women

When it comes to keeping your feet warm in the cold months, there’s nothing like a good pair of comfy and cosy slippers. Whether you’re preparing for autumn, or coming back in from a frosty winter walk, a pair of slippers are the ultimate home comfort.

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of slippers for yourself, or maybe as a gift, at Hirst Footwear, we’ve got you covered.

Types of slippers for women

The type of slippers you buy for yourself, or for someone else, are all down to personal preferences.

However, if you’re not sure which slipper is right, we’ve listed some of the most popular styles below.

Types of slippers for women

Clog slippers are traditional in design. They have an open heel, making them incredibly easy to slip on and off. They do however, have a slightly thicker sole, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Traditionally, clogs will have a different outer material such as suede or felt, and on the inside, they will be lined with wool or faux fur for warmth and comfort.

Boot Slippers

Boot slippers provide warmth and comfort, making them a favourite with many, especially for the colder months as they cover your foot and your ankle. They are shaped like regular boots, but made up of soft materials such as wool, nylon and memory foam.

However, most boot slippers provide little to no ankle or sole support, so we would advise avoiding these slippers if you require support in your footwear.

Traditional Slippers

Traditional womens slippers, or house slippers, are made up of single-piece construction, full foot coverage, closed heels and are usually finished with some kind of knit felt, suede or wool.

Some traditional slippers are lined with felt wool or faux fur for additional warmth, and have stitching accents for design purposes.

Open Heel Slippers (Mules)

If you are looking for heel support, open heel slippers will not be the slippers for you. But, if you are looking for easy and reliable slippers, they could be the perfect choice.

Open heel slippers are loved by many due to how easy they are to slip on and off because, as the name suggests, they don’t have a heel. They are also often referred to as mules.

Although they are more convenient than closed heel slippers, they can be more slip prone as there is no support on the back of your foot.


Moccasins are slightly different to traditional closed heel slippers as they feature a two piece construction, with the stitching attaching the top sole to the midsole. They also provide heel support from the closed heel design.

They’re often lined with either real, or faux, sheepskin, as their origins stem from Native America.

Novelty slippers

Novelty slippers come in many different designs and styles, and they usually have patterns or characters on them. The most common novelty slippers feature stuffed animal heads on the toes, or something similar.

Novelty slippers are usually given as a joke gift, as they are not as functional compared to other slippers on our list.

Which slippers are best?


Which slippers are best for you will completely depend on your individual needs. If you are concerned about foot and ankle support, try opting for a sturdier slipper like a clog or moccasin.


However, if your main focus is warmth and comfort, you may be more likely to choose slipper boots or even novelty slippers.

The best women’s slippers


If you still need some help deciding which slipper is right for you or the woman in your life, not to worry. We’ve created a list of some of our top picks.

Skechers Memory Foam

Skechers have a great range of memory foam slippers, and the Skechers Cozy Campfire Faux Fur Vegan Slippers are no exception. The clog style design with a fur lining makes them the perfect choice for keeping you feet cosy, and slipping them off quickly if your feet get too hot.


The memory foam sole and shock absorbing midsole is also great if you require extra foot support from your slippers.

Mokkers Slip On Mule Slippers

The Mokkers Kelsei Stone Real Suede Slip On Mule Slippers are a great choice for those who don't want a hassle putting on/off their slippers. With a cushioned footbed, and faux fur lining, your feet will be both comfortable and cosy.


These mules also have a rubber sole ensuring a good underfoot grip, perfect for indoor and outdoor wear.

Skechers Dog Attitude Vegan Slippers

The Skechers Too Cozy Dog Attitude Taupe Vegan Slippers are the best combination of novelty and practicality. Featuring a cute dog face on the toes and full foot coverage, these slippers will add fun to your feet.


These mules also have a rubber sole ensuring a good underfoot grip, perfect for indoor and outdoor wear.

Sleepers Feather Boa Wedge Mule Slippers

Sleepers Anne Feather Boa Fluffy Black Wedge Mule Slippers are for those who love the glam. These slippers feature a stylish open toe and chic mule design, making the ideal gift for the women in your life who love glamour.

Sleepers Feather Boa Wedge Mule Slippers

Skechers Vegan Memory Foam Cozy Slide Slippers add a little flair to your at home outfits. The casual slider features a soft leopard print design, paired with a cushioned memory foam footbed.

These vegan friendly slippers will make the perfect gift for the animal lovers in your life.

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