A Guide to U Power Safety Shoes & Boots

A Guide to U Power Safety Shoes & Boots

U-Power are a great brand for safety shoes and boots and they are renowned for providing extreme comfort and durability.

At Hirst Footwear, we have a selection of U-Power safety shoes and boots to choose from, meaning your feet can be kept safe and protected no matter where you work.

About U-Power

U-Power creates innovative and comfortable safety footwear that are adaptable and made with both technical and natural materials for a supportive and sturdy shoe. The creativity of the brand, research for the best materials to be used and the engineer driven approach is what makes U-Power different from their competitors.

U-Power continues to maintain its focus on the latest technology alongside design, in order to always create high performance and innovative solutions.

Are there safety shoe guidelines?

Yes, there are safety shoe guidelines that you should be aware of, especially if you are new to the trade industry.

The standard EN ISO 20345 outlines the basic requirements for safety shoes for commercial use. Footwear under these guidelines is intended to protect feet against bumps, crushes, falling or rolling objects, sharp or pointed objects and hot or cold substances.

The basic requirements under EN ISO 20345 also include:

  • Height of the upper part of the boot

  • Heel area of the boots

  • Minimum length, pressure and bump impact resistance of the toe cap

  • Water resistance and water vapour permeability

  • Outsole thickness and abrasion resistance

How do you choose the best safety shoes?

When you’re choosing the best safety boots, you should take into account a number of different criteria, not just the appearance of them.

Whilst the protection and safety level of your safety shoes and boots should be at a high standard, you should ensure they keep your feet comfortable for long periods of time.

Some features you should look out for include:

  • Steel toe caps

  • Padded collar and tongue

  • Penetration resistant midsoles

  • Slip-resistant soles

  • Heat resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • Shock absorbing heels

Why choose U-Power safety shoes?

U-Power safety shoes provide all the support, stability and comfort you need whilst meeting the standard EN ISO 20345 guidelines to ensure your feet are fully protected.

U-Power also uses Vibram soles which have a huge amount of benefits, including anti-slip protection, oil resistance and excellent grip. U-Powers state of the art shoes are constantly being innovated and reshaped to ensure the needs of every worker are met.

Their shoes are suitable for a wide range of working environments and they have high levels of grip and durability with amazing heat and tear resistance.

What are the best U-Power safety shoes?

The UPower Flat Out James Black Water Resistant Safety Toe Cap Shoes provide all the comfort you need, whilst still having a contemporary and stylish finish.


The high abrasion uppers are made with U-Powers PUTEX PLUS technology, which uses high abrasion yarns woven directly into the fabric to help with water resistance whilst still being breathable. These shoes also feature aluminium toe caps, anti-puncture and anti-slip soles and meet the S3 SRC standards.

The UPower Unisex Matt Lightweight Water Repellent Anti Slip Safety Shoes are another great choice of shoes from U-Power that are made with a new generation of PU compound that significantly reduces the weight of the shoe.


The lightness of this safety shoe allows for greater foot movement and the Wing Tex breathable air tunnel lining creates an anatomical, breathable and antibacterial finish.

What are the best U-Power safety boots?

UPower’s Form Black Lightweight Composite Safety Work Boots are a high and comfortable pair of safety boots made from composite and are metal free. These boots are designed for those who work within the emergency services, giving them the lasting comfort they need for long shifts.


These boots conform to EN ISO 20345:2011 thanks to the air toe composite, and they are also electrical resistant which aligns with the ESD cei en 61340-5-1 standards. The Wow Bed foot technology also helps to evenly distribute the pressure of body weight with a soft anti-shock gel.


These boots also come in a black colour, which is ideal for those who prefer a more muted boot.


The UPower Floyd Red Lion Black/Brown Lightweight Safety Work Boots will make you feel recharged with every step you take thanks to the anti-abrasion toe-cap EN ISO 20345:2011, slip resistant PU sole unit and electrical resistant ESD cei en 61340-5-1.

They are also water resistant, feature aluminium toe caps and utilise the Wow technology footbeds with self moulding properties for a comfortable, secure and durable fit.

How long do U-Power shoes last?

As a general rule of thumb, although you may think your shoes are in good condition, U-Power suggests changing your safety shoes every 6 months to a year since specific materials can begin to deteriorate over time which can leave your feet open to injury.

Regularly replacing your safety footwear is a vital measure to ensure your feet are always protected from a number of different factors where you work, whether that's on a building site, roadside or in an ambulance.

By Vicky


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