How to Style Dickies

How to Style Dickies

Dickies have become a huge trend within the streetwear and skater community, and due to the change in fashion trends over the years, they have become a staple item in many wardrobes across the globe.

Follow our guide below to see how you could incorporate Dickies into your everyday style.

Fashion trends of the 90s

Most fashion trends always come full circle and find their way back into the public eye. For many years, skinny slim fitting trousers and jeans have dominated the fashion industry, however, over the past few years there has been a resurgence of loose 90s inspired fashion.

Streetwear has dominated over the past few years, encouraging a takeover of baggier silhouettes which are heavily influenced by the combat and cargo trousers of the 90s.

The 90’s was truly the era of effortless fashion for both men and women, and brands like Dickies have been able to capitalise on this by creating key everyday pieces which fuel a 90s nostalgia.

Dickies were popular in the 90s with skaters due to the durability of the pieces. The oversized skater fashion brought the iconic style to streetwear, and soon the trend spread worldwide.

Are Dickies fashionable?

Dickies have become incredibly fashionable, with the move from workwear to streetwear. Many celebrities infamous for their fashion have been seen wearing Dickies, from A$AP Rocky to Bella Hadid.

The workwear to streetwear trend set by Dickies is set to stay, especially with the affordable price tag Dickies has compared to other brands.

Should you cuff Dickies?

You can cuff your Dickies trousers if you want to make them shorter, or just prefer how they look cuffed. Either way still remains fashionable amongst the streetwear and skater influencers.

Classic skaters were known to razor or cuff the bottom of their Dickies simply for aesthetics.

How to Style Dickies

Dickies trousers come in a variety of styles, and knowing where to start with which trouser can be intimidating. We’ve broken down the most popular trousers below with some style suggestions.

How to Style Dickies 874

The Dickies 874 are the classic original fit, being the first pair of trousers which Dickies brought to the market. They are a straight leg, but with a looser fit which make them the perfect everyday trouser.


Generally, they can be styled multiple ways and you can dress them down with an oversized t-shirt and flat trainers for a classic skater look, or dress them up with a tighter fitted shirt and clean leather shoes.


For a versatile capsule wardrobe, we recommend a pair of black Dickies which can be styled in multiple ways, such as with a classic Dickies sweatshirt for a casual look.


How to style Dickies 873

The 873 are perfect for those who love loose fitting trousers, with an element of tailoring. They are very similar to the 874’s, but are slightly more tapered below the knee which makes them perfect for any semi-formal event, as well as casual wear.


Any pair of chunky dad trainers, such as the Skechers Sport, will pair perfectly with grey or navy Dickies for a super relaxed streetwear style.


How to style Dickies 872


The 872s take the slim style of the 873s a step further. They are noticeably more fitted, making them an ideal wardrobe staple throughout the change in trends.


With a slight cuff they can be paired perfectly with boots such as the Dickies Safety Leather Dealer Boots, or even with low profile trainers. Alternatively, for a more formal look, you can dress them up with leather shoes.


How to style Dickies Women

Womens Dickies come in a similar range to mens, featuring a slim fit design which are perfect for any occasion.



A popular style are the Dickies Elizaville Workwear Trousers, which are a simple straight leg design, perfect for being dressed up with heels or made to look more casual with simple flat high-top trainers.


How to style Dickies Workwear


Dickies trousers are primarily made for workwear, and skaters originally wore them because they were so durable. Because of the Dickies streetwear trend, you can look fashionable and be protected whilst wearing your Dickies to work.


How to style Dickies Workpants

Dickies supply a variety of different work pants such as the Industry 300 Two Tone Work Trousers and Redhawk Pro Work Trousers, which both have a slim, but slightly loose silhouette meaning you can be both comfortable and stylish whilst at work.


For a clean work look, pair with a simple white Dickies Polo shirt, and any pair of Dickies safety boots such as the Andover work boots.


How to style Dickies Work Shorts

Dickies also offers a variety of work shorts, meaning you can be both safe and stylish in hotter months.


A perfect pair which are both casual and stylish are the Dickies Everyday Shorts. Simply pair with a pair of Dickies work boots and an oversized t-shirt for a casual spring or summer work outfit.


Shop Dickies at Hirst Footwear

Hopefully after reading our guide you will know how to style your Dickies for every occasion.

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