Hush Puppies School Shoes Guide

Hush Puppies School Shoes Guide

If you’re looking for a quality pair of school shoes, then look no further than Hush Puppies. They are robust, comfortable and supportive, making them a great choice for your kids this school year.

Hush Puppies Shoes: The History

Hush Puppies were created in 1958 by a Michigan sales manager who wanted to remove the agony of wearing dress shoes, which used to be known as barking dogs.

The innovation of lightweight crepe soles and brushed suede uppers ushered in a new era of comfortable shoes, and the Hush Puppies craze sold over one million pairs within the first year.

As the Hush Puppies momentum carried on through the 80s and 90s, they quickly became a school uniform staple and to this day they are still enjoyed by adults and children alike.

What style of shoes are Hush Puppies for kids?

Hush Puppies for kids are designed to be casual yet extremely comfortable shoes for everyday wear, making them a great year round choice for school uniforms.

With a presence in over 136 countries, Hush Puppies continue to reign supreme as a world favourite, worry free shoe, especially for kids. The iconic brand continues to bring comfort and style to school kids, all whilst maintaining its light-hearted and fun-loving feel.

With a wide selection of casual shoes, school shoes and boots it’s no wonder why Hush Puppies are still just as popular.

Can you get hush puppies for both boys and girls?

Yes, Hush Puppies produce shoes for everyone, boys and girls alike. Their collection of shoes are designed to appeal to everyone.

Are Hush Puppies good school shoes?

Hush Puppies are an extremely well known school shoe brand and consistently have great reviews.

Their famous lightweight, yet durable design makes them highly sought after, especially for active children at school.

Are hush puppies allowed as school shoes?

Yes, Hush Puppies have a specific range of school shoes that are created with school uniform guidelines in mind.

The majority of schools will have policies in which they require children to wear all black shoes, and the Hush Puppies range matches this to a T.

Hush puppies shoe size guide

Hush Puppies Junior Shoe Sizes


Hush Puppies Infant Shoe Sizes

Where can I buy Hush Puppies school shoes?

At Hirst Footwear, we have a wide selection of Hush Puppies school shoes.

You are able to use Klarna for Hush Puppies, meaning you can pay the whole amount in three separate instalments to help spread the cost.

Top Hush Puppies school shoes

The Hush Puppies Paloma Black Patent T-Bar Girls School Shoes are a staple pair of school shoes for many reasons. The Kerry shoes are a modern twist on a classic pair of girls' school shoes thanks to the chunky sole unit and T bar design.


These shoes come in a premium patent leather finish and feature micro-fresh lining to ensure feet stay dry all day. The padded lining and heel counter also provides all day comfort.

For more of a classic style of school shoe, the Hush Puppies Girls Rosanna Heart Black Patent School Shoes are a great choice. These shoes feature a sporty, cushioning outsole ideal for playing on the playground.

They also feature a hook and loop fastening for easy removal, and the micro-fresh lining keeps feet dry and fresh all day.



The Hush Puppies Boys Santos Junior Black Leather School Shoes are a great choice for those who prefer a sportier style of shoe. The micro fresh lining and dual fastening straps mean your kids will be comfortable and dry all day long.

The Santos shoes also feature a memory foam insole, as well as a choice of different insoles for a better, more comfortable fit.

For a smarter style of shoe, the Hush Puppies Boys Tim Senior Black Leather Lace Up School Shoes are the perfect choice thanks to the classic premium leather design.


The micro-fresh lining keeps feet dry whilst the sturdy black rubber sole unit keeps feet lifted off the ground, preventing slips or trips.

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