Kickers School Shoe Guide

Kickers School Shoe Guide

When looking for school shoes, the factors that need to be taken into consideration are if the shoe is of good quality, if it is comfortable for your child and the overall cost.

Kickers school shoes are highly robust yet extremely comfortable and supportive. These shoes are long-lasting, so depending on how fast your child's feet are growing, they can be a great purchase.

Kickers Shoes: The History

It all started back in the 1960s during times of people wanting peace and harmony throughout the world and wanting to stop the war in Vietnam. During this time, it became trendy to be styled with long flowing hair locks, dripped head to toe in denim, making daisy chains and wandering around in bare feet.

After seeing this new trend advertised in France, Daniel Raufest found a new niche in the market. These peace loving tribes of people needed protection on their feet.

This epiphany led to the creation of the Kickers brand. Mr Raufest already was the chairman of E Raufest & Sons, who produced great quality shoes for children. With the need for shoes for this new trendy group of peace-loving people, the market was sure to explode; and it did just that.

A friend and designer of Daniel’s was Jacques Chevallereau - this man was highly inspired by the idea of casual shoes for everyday use for everyone. The ‘jean boot’ was created and of course, had a successful launch within France. Once the shoe market of France was conquered, they took their ventures elsewhere and began taking on the globe.

Reaching London by 1975 allowed them to open up a store on Kings Road, a well known fashion district of London. The Kick Hi shoe was the centrepiece to this launch with music producers like David Bowie, Elton John and Roger Daltrey all rocking the Kick Hi’s. This led to a mad influenza of people wanting to emulate their favourite stars.

Throughout the changes within the music eras, Kickers kept up with the trends and kept themselves within the constant limelight till the present day, where they have mastered the school shoe market.

What style of shoes are Kickers?

Kickers shoes are designed to be casual shoes for everyday use, meaning they are perfect for school shoes as during the year, your child will spend the majority of their time in uniform and at school.

The French businessman, Daniel Raufest, wanted to create a shoe which went well with jeans and also would be long-lasting to survive everyday use long term. The classic Kickers Kick Hi school shoe was the first to be designed, with its leather exterior and its large rubber sole. These make them highly durable, whilst the cushioning interior supports your feet all day long.

When surfing through Kickers selection of boots and shoes, it is clear to see that they have been able to keep on top of ongoing and new trends throughout the 50 years they have been providing the world with casual footwear.

Through their endeavours with school shoes, they have also set trends and keep up to date with the ongoing changes to fashion. With shoes like the Tovni Lacer and the Tovni Flex, it is clear to see that they have achieved what they set out to do since the launch of the Kick Hi casual shoes.

Are Kickers for boys and girls?

Kickers produce shoes for everyone. Their collection of school shoes are designed to hit a unisex audience, with some desgined with boys in mind and others designed with girls in mind.

Are kickers allowed as school shoes?

Kickers are seen as one of the best quality school shoes on the market currently. The majority of school policies want your child to be wearing full black shoes, and all of kickers school shoe range match this to a T.

Some schools may have different policies however, so it is always worth checking before purchasing.

Are Kickers good school shoes?

Kickers are a well-known brand and are reviewed greatly, consistently.

Their famous and traditional rubber soles are incredibly durable which makes them highly sought after, especially for the active school children.

Kickers shoe size guide

When purchasing shoes, the most important aspect is if they fit your feet.

Junior sizes:

UK Size
 EU Size
Foot Length (cm)
 12.5  31  19.4
 13  32  19.9
 1  33  20.6
 2  34  21.2
 2.5  35  21.9

Infant sizes:

UK Size
 EU Size
Foot Length (cm)
 5  22  13.7
 6  23  14.5
 7  24  14.9
 8  25  15.6
 8.5  26  16.3
 9  27  16.8
 10  28  21.9
 11  29  18.1
 12  30  18.7

Where can I buy Kickers school shoes?

The entirety of the Kickers school shoes collection is available through Hirst Footwear.

As an added bonus, when you shop with Hirst and order for the first time, you will receive a 10% discount at checkout.

You are also able to use Klarna for Kickers, so you can pay the whole amount in three separate instalments to help spread the cost.

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