Bull Boys: Your Kids New Favourite Trainers

Bull Boys: Your Kids New Favourite Trainers

Bull Boys trainers are the perfect footwear choice that your dinosaur-obsessed kids will absolutely love.

Check out our new range of Dinosaur Trainers, available with free and fast delivery.

New Bull Boys trainers in stock

At Hirst Footwear, we are proud to announce that we now stock Bull Boys trainers. These trainers are sturdy, comfortable and made from high quality materials.

The different dinosaur designs and light up soles are unique to any other trainer and we know your kids will feel their best wearing them. Stomping around has never been so fun!

Dinosaur trainers your kids will love

We currently stock four different types of Bull Boys trainers, with each one displaying a different dinosaur and colourway.

The Bull Boys Dinosauro Light Up Trainers come with a blue upper mesh layer and feature a yellow 3D dinosaur on the outer. Exploring has never been so fun, with red and blue lights flashing with each stomp you take.


They also feature elastic laces with hook and loop fastenings, making them super easy to take on/off.

The Allosauro Black Light Up Trainers come in a black synthetic upper with blue, red and yellow details around the shoe. These trainers feature a blue and grey Allosaurus dinosaur on the side of the shoe, and the lights flash blue and black with each step.

If your kids prefer green, the Triceratopo Dinosaur Light Up Trainers may be the perfect choice. Made of navy and lime green textiles, these trainers will have your kids feeling like they belong in the Jurassic!


They feature a 3D yellow Triceratops on each side and flash with blue and green lights.

For a hi-top style, we suggest the T-Rex Lights White/Red Dinosaur Light Up Hi-Tops. These red, white and black shoes come with a 3D T-Rex on each side and feature super cool dinosaur horns on the front uppers. These trainers light up blue and red with each stomp.

Bull Boys are the perfect gift for children

Bull Boys gifts make the perfect gift for children no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is a gift for a birthday, Christmas or as a surprise gift, we know your kids will be in love with these trainers.

With different styles to choose from, you can choose your kids favourite dinosaur or colourway, making them feel truly Jurassic!

Get ready for Christmas early by taking a look at our range of Bull Boys trainers today.

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