New Mens Skechers Trainers In Stock

New Mens Skechers Trainers In Stock

Having the correct shoes can change your overall outlook on how you are going to tackle your day.

We have a selection of new mens trainers available in different styles to fit your needs. Instead of aimlessly searching for what seems the right shoe for you, compiled here are some of our top pick trainers from the new Skechers Flex, Arch Fit, Dynamite, Delson and Go Walk ranges!

Skechers Flex Trainers

If you are an active person or find your work shoes uncomfortable on your daily commute then the flex range is the perfect place to look for a fresh pair of shoes.

The shoes themselves are light and breathable as they are made with a mesh exterior. The soles are a smooth rubber which is slightly curved to allow for easy walking.

New in Skechers Flex

Check out our new stock:

Skechers Mens Flex Advantage 4.0



The flex advantage 4.0 gives you the ability to vary your type of training, from running to the average gym session. Its neat and sleek look is balanced with being very flexible and comfortable.


From top to bottom, the shoes are breathable with mesh panels fashionably designed to keep your feet cool paired with an air-cooled memory foam insole. The sole is designed to absorb shock, meaning no more extra strain on your knees. If you are on your feet a lot during the day, then this is the perfect shoe for you.


Skechers Men's Ultra Flex 2.0

Running errands or at the gym, this shoe is perfect for both. Its breathable mesh fabric and slip-on bungee lace up design leaves you with no limits.


Extra padded material is built on the heel of the shoe to allow for extra strength and sturdiness whilst simultaneously being light and swift, giving you the freedom of movement. The Ultra Flex 2.0 midsole has unmatched cushioning protection and turns impact into energy.


Skechers Mens Flex Advantage 4.0 Navy

Not only does the Flex Advantage come in a charcoal green, but also in navy blue. On the navy Flex Advantage, the coloured mesh panels are complemented by the ever so little touches of orange, on the writing, parts of the S in Skechers and along the top rim.


The standard colouration of the Flex Advantage 4.0 could be quite hard to pull off, however, the navy variation goes with almost anything.

Skechers Arch Fit


The Arch Fit collection is perfectly formulated to bring a sporty style shoe in line with all day comfort no matter the job at ‘feet’.


Skechers Men's Arch Fit Trainer

Ready for action whilst making your feet supported and comfy is the main appeal to this shoe. The knit mesh fabric that is aesthetically designed, allowing your feet to breathe and stay supported.


As well as being comfy and supported by the Arch Fit removable supportive cushioning insole, your feet will stay fresh all day. The outsole is flexible and slightly curved, allowing for freedom of movement and walking which is easy on the joints.

Skechers Air Dynamight


The ability to walk on air has never felt so closely achievable. This fast-paced, pack a punch shoe allows for great and easy workouts whilst being light on your feet.


The Air Dynamight range is the perfect shoe if you are busy and active.


Skechers Mens Skech Air Dynamight

The overall aesthetic of the Air Dynamight is simple yet brilliant. Once in, your feet are cushioned and supported by a memory foam insole. The midsole helps absorb shock.


This combination of shock-absorption and cushioned support makes every step feel like you are walking on air.

Skechers Delson


Durable, lightweight and fashionable are the three words which come up when discussing the Delson collection. This combination of all three makes this the perfect shoe for casual and some formal occasions.


Skechers Men's Delson 3.0

The Delson 3.0 has kept its durability factor but has been improved through the overall comfort of the shoe. This has been achieved through an air cooled memory foam breathable insole that gives high rebound cushioning for comfort whenever you are on your feet.


The slip on Oxford design gives you the extra advantage of easy wearing, making taking off and putting on your shoes bearable.

Skechers Go Walk


The Go Walk collection consistently stands amongst the top 10 best selling shoes for Skechers. These sneakers are both comfortable and fit into anyones style.


Skechers Men's Go Walk 5


This slip-on shoe is all round breathable with its stretched-laced front on a knit mesh fabric. Whilst being lightweight and durable, the GoWalk 5 is also highly comfortable and supportive with its air cooled goga-mat insole.


The shoe is also machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning, making sure you can keep the shoe looking brand new.


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