Our Top Picks for Vegan Footwear

Our Top Picks for Vegan Footwear

Whether you’ve been vegan for years, are new to a vegan lifestyle or you simply want to make better environmental choices, at Hirst Footwear, we have a great range of vegan shoes and boots to choose from.

What is vegan footwear?

Vegan footwear is made from man-made materials, with no use of animal products. They also exclude any products which were tested on animals.

Vegan footwear is made without materials which are traditionally used in shoemaking such as leather, wool, fur and some glues.

Thankfully, vegan footwear has progressed hugely over the years, with more and more variations of shoes becoming fully vegan.

Are vegan shoes made of plastic?

Vegan shoes are usually made from synthetic materials and one of the most common materials used is vegan leather, which is a plastic polymer derived from petroleum.

This type of material is called Polyurethane (PU) and it is known for its breathable and flexible properties.

PVC is another popular choice in vegan shoemaking. This plastic can either be made to be made thicker for soles, or thinner for shoes uppers. However, for those looking to be more environmentally friendly, you may want to stray away from PVC.

PVC releases chlorine-based chemicals in its production which can cause toxins to build up in the environment.

Why buy vegan footwear?

The number one reason why many people choose to buy vegan products is that no animals are involved in the making of the products.

The method of harvesting materials from animals is seen as cruel by many, so choosing plant-based products is a way for many to say no to animal cruelty and exploitation.

Other reasons to buy vegan footwear include:

  • They can be more affordable

  • They are more environmentally friendly than real leather production

  • They have a long lifespan

What shoes are vegan?

Thanks to the development of technologies over the years, there are a wide range of different types of footwear which are now vegan.

Different styles include:

Top vegan footwear from Hirst Footwear

At Hist Footwear, we have a range of different vegan footwear for you to choose from:

Top vegan shoes for men

The Skechers Mens Bounder Intread Black Vegan Trainers Shoes combine the athletic style and comfort, whilst being crafted with 100% vegan products.


These trainers feature heathered engineered knit and synthetic uppers, as well as Skechers air-cooled memory foam cushioned insoles for extra comfort and support.

Wrangler’s Clay Vegan Black Memory Foam Faux Leather Lace Up Shoes allow you to be stylish and environmentally friendly thanks to the modern black vegan leather uppers.


These shoes also feature a gripped gum rubber sole and internal textile linings to keep your feet comfy all day.

Top vegan shoes for women

The Ladies Ruby Shoo Clarissa Cream Gold Occasion Vegan Friendly Shoes are a sophisticated pair of heels which are also 100% vegan.


Made from high quality synthetic materials, these shoes will add an extra sparkle to any outfit. In fact, most of Ruby Shoo’s products are made from vegan friendly materials.

The Skechers Womens Arch Fit Glee For All Plum Lightweight Vegan Trainers are the ultimate vegan solution for all-day comfort.

These trainers are crafted with 100% vegan materials and feature Skechers patented Arch Fit technology for podiatrist-certified arch support.

Top vegan boots for men

The Hi-Tec Mens Torca Mid Charcoal/Chartreuse Waterproof Walking Boots are a durable, vegan walking boot that will provide comfort no matter the weather or terrain.


These boots are lightweight and feature durable synthetic and mesh uppers that provide comfort and flexibility.

Hi-Tec’s Men's V-Lite Psych Black/Grey Waterproof Duke of Edinburgh Boots are made as part of their mission to produce more environmentally friendly and sustainable products.


The V-Lite Psych Mid WP vegan friendly textile uppers are manufactured from 100% responsibly sourced recycled polyester.


Top vegan boots for women

The Heavenly Feet Justina Prints Black Bee Vegan Ankle Boots are super stylish, practical and made from fully vegan materials.

They also feature removable memory foam insoles providing ultimate comfort, whilst the sole with its classic design and modern stitching adds a fashionable flair.

Hi-Tec’s Ladies Psych Waterproof Carbon/Olive D of E Vegan Hiking Walking Boots are not only made in partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, they are also part of Hi-Tec’s line of products made to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The materials used on these boots have authentication and certification on all recycled materials by the Global Recycled Standards.

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