Stranger Things 80s Style Guide

Stranger Things 80s Style Guide

Classic 80s fashion mainly consists of baggy, colourful clothes and a large amount of denim. We see a lot of this style in the hit show Stranger Things, aired through Netflix and set in the 80s (don’t worry, there are no spoilers here!).

With the show creating a large amount of traction when it first came to Netflix, fashion from the 80s has made a real comeback. We’ve created a style guide so that you can match the 80s vibes and dress just like your favourite Stranger Things character.

What is the fashion style of Stranger Things?

The retro fashion style of the 80s has been used throughout the series to create a sense of nostalgic ‘throwback’.

Since Stranger Things came onto Netflix in 2016, the show has influenced branding images across several businesses whilst simultaneously being recycled with a new, modern twist.

What was popular fashion in the 80s?

There were a number of fashion styles that were the ‘it’ fashion in the 1980s, from ‘power’ office attire to street casual and aerobic-athletic outerwear. Each fashion style was matched with funky, unique shoes and other wacky and wonderful accessories.

For women in the 80s, power suits were a common choice - these gave the look of an hourglass figure with padding in the shoulders and wearing a belt around the waist.

Dresses with padded shoulders, legwarmers and spandex and lycra tights were also a popular option too. For men, it was mainly smart casual with a mysterious twist, wearing leather jackets, polo shirts, Oxford shirts and turtlenecks.

How to dress like the Stranger Things characters

80s themed parties are becoming a massive hit, from friends having a themed house party to night clubs planning a themed dress code for the night. Whether you’re planning Stranger Things fancy dress or want to help the 80s style make a comeback, we’ve got the perfect options for you.

Below, we’ll tell you the best fits for you to look like your favourite stranger things character!



Eleven, right from the start of the series, was taken in and cared for by the boys; for this reason, she tends to wear more boyish, tomboy-style clothes.


We think that Eleven would love the Ruby Shoo Red & White Spotted Canvas Platform Baseball Boots.


Another shoe which would be perfect for the ‘Eleven’ look is the Skechers Bobs Heart Pumps - these pumps are bright and colourful with heart shapes splashed all over, the perfect vibrant 80s fashion vibes.

Ruby Shoo Cassie Red White Spots Canvas Platform Vegan Baseball Boot

Max Mayfield


Max is portrayed as a hard exterior girl, but she is actually a real softy. She's always seen riding her skateboard and listening to ‘cool’ music.


Every skater knows that when skating, the best shoes to wear are those with a flat bottom. For this reason, the Ruby Shoo Aria Slip On Pumps would be the perfect fit for Max.

Ruby Shoo Aria Black Botanics Canvas Vegan Slip On Pumps


Nancy Wheeler


Nancy is always dressing to impress. She loves her shoulder padded dresses and power suits, so nice heels are a must for matching Nancy's dress style.


When she isn’t fighting demons, we think Nancy would love the Ruby Shoo Vintage Heels to suit her elegant dresses


Ruby Shoo Eva Azure Blue Vintage Inspired Vegan Court Shoes


Dustin Henderson

All of the Stranger Things boys love pop culture and are always bringing that style into their outfits, especially Dustin. Dustin loves a pair of high waisted shorts and then a top referencing some sort of pop culture, and a trucker style hat to top it all off.


Dustin is always equipped with comfortable trainers, ready to run from danger. Bringing Dustin’s style into the modern day, we think the Helly Hansen Navy Lace Up Pumps give off the vibe of the athletic 80s but at the same time, are fitting with the modern era.

Mens Helly Hansen Navy Leather Lace Up Casual Pump Shoes


Jim Hopper


Each town needs a great cop to be there and save the day when needed. In Hawkins, it’s Jim Hopper.


Being a police officer, you need excellent footwear which will handle anything you throw at them whilst also protecting your feet. Our top choice to match Hopper’s hardworking, on-the-go persona would be the Grafters Combat Security Boots.


For a little bit of style as well as protection, we think Hopper would really suit the Puma Conquest Safety Boots.


Both of these boots are both practical and comfortable - perfect for all day patrolling.


Mens Grafters Tactical Combat Boots Security Black


Eddie Munson


Eddie loves his rock music, and he fits it into what he's wearing. He’s mainly seen wearing double denim, which is a classic outfit choice from the 80s.


To match his edgy, rock-loving personality, Dr Martens has the perfect pair of boots for Eddie. The Dr Martens Icon Steel Toe Cap Boots are a classic, matching grunge style with ultimate protection.


Dr Martens Icon 7B10 Black Safety Work Steel Toe Cap Boots


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