The Best School Shoes & Where to Buy Them

The Best School Shoes & Where to Buy Them

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of school shoes for your son or daughter, it can turn into a living nightmare. ‘The shoes don’t fit right’, ‘They’re uncomfy’, ‘They’re hurting my feet’ - these are just a few of the complaints you really dread to hear when it's back to school time.

We’ve created a list of the best school shoes to choose from to help make back-to-school shopping easier for parents and guardians.

Best school shoes for Primary School

Choosing the best school shoe depends on a few things: the likes of your child, their age and also the school's footwear rules.

Keeping all of these in mind, school shoe shopping can become a challenging task; however, there is no need to fret, as the best types of school shoes have all been listed below.

Velcro School Shoes

With younger children, velcro is a great choice. If children don’t yet know how to tie laces, it can be a hassle every morning, especially if you’re rushing for work. Having velcro shoes will make the morning run to school that much easier.

For a comfy and durable choice, the Kickers velcro range is a great place to start. For the boys, they have neat and smart Black Leather Velcro Shoes which are priced at £34.95. Kickers have turned the classic trainer look into a stylish and sturdy school shoe, making them desirable for trendy young lads.

For girls, there are practical yet super cute Flutter Black Leather School Shoes. With the adjustable fit, padding around the ankle and quality and durable leather, there will be no room for your child to complain. 


Boys Infant Kickers Moakie Reflex Black Leather School Shoes


Chunky School Shoes


Playtime is always a highlight of every child's school day - for this reason, chunky school shoes are the best to choose as whilst your child is playing, their feet are always protected.


Buckle my Shoe’s chunky school shoe range is second to none. With a chunkier sole, the shoe becomes more durable and can last through whatever your child throws at them.


The girls Brogue Leather Chunky School Shoe is perfect for the adventurous individual as they are both sturdy and comfortable.

Girls Buckle My Shoe Chunky Leather Lace Up Brogue School Shoes

Affordable School Shoes


The most annoying problem when buying school shoes is the fact of knowing you’ll have to buy another pair quite soon due to the rapid rate at which children’s feet grow. This can often put stress on you as you want the perfect shoe, but don’t want to necessarily splash out.


Hirst’s school shoe range has a large amount of cheaper school shoes which are just as durable as the expensive brands, and look just as good.


Keep an eye on our Kids Outlet section for great deals on a selection of popular school shoe brands!

Girls Infants Kickers Kick T Flutter Black Leather T Bar Shoes

Best school shoes for Secondary School

When it comes to secondary school, your child won't be out playing and running around as much, but will be walking from class to class across the school, meaning that the shoe must be comfortable.


Lace up School Shoes


Secondary school uniforms tend to be a lot smarter than primary uniforms, and this is the reason why older boys tend to lean towards the black leather, office-type shoes, such as oxfords or brogues.


The brand Roamers stock a smart leather shoe - Boys Roamers Black Leather School Shoes. These shoes are extremely durable and can also be used at family events, such as weddings or funerals, and other formal events.

Boys Roamers Black Leather School Shoes Youths Lace Up

Boys and Girls Kickers School Shoes


To some people’s surprise, kickers is a popular brand with teenagers. Kickers tend to produce school shoes which are a bit more casual and very comfortable.


Kickers are well known for their shoes being stylish and robust. Kickers also provide a great range of shoe options for girls going into secondary school, with their Kick Lo and Kick Hi shoes which are black leather lace up school shoes. They also have unisex shoes available.

Boys Girls Kickers Kick Hi Black Leather Lace Up School Shoes

Trainer Style School Shoes


Trainer style school shoes have always been a hit with secondary pupils as they allow them to wear shoes which are in close resemblance to their favourite comfort trainers.


Most secondary school shoe rules state that they want pupils attending to be wearing fully black shoes, which may allow your child to purchase a pair of their favourite trainers in just all black.


Wearing trainer style school shoes can also be beneficial when it comes to lunchtime and outdoor hobbies - such as this pair of Boys Hush Puppies.

Boys Hush Puppies Josh Snr Black Leather Double Hook & Loop School Shoes

Shop school shoes with Hirst Footwear

Through Hirst Footwear, all of these types of school shoes can be purchased with fast, free delivery. With a wide range of popular brands and an array of different styles, there is plenty of choice for even the fussiest of children.

From primary school shoes to secondary school shoes, at Hirst, we have it all. If it is your first time ordering through us, there will be an extra 10% off available at checkout - so get shopping before the big back-to-school rush starts!



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