The Best Workwear & Safety Footwear Brands

The Best Workwear & Safety Footwear Brands

Work clothes are not necessarily what we want to be spending our money on, but it’s important that certain professions are protected by the right clothing and footwear in the workplace.

High quality, trustworthy workwear is essential, especially when it comes to health and safety when working. At Hirst Footwear, we stock a range of known workwear brands, offering quality clothing and comfy and safe footwear.

What makes good quality workwear?

The first thing to take into consideration when it comes to producing quality workwear is safety. When working in the trades industry, you need to be protected from all sorts of dangers, such as fire, dust, dangerous gases, light and heat.

If you are working late at night, it is highly important that you are visible, so hi-vis jackets are a key component. Working in the trades industry is also a hard graft and the clothes you wear may need to be able to withstand a lot. Clothes that are not durable and wear out fast are often a waste of money for tradespeople.

There is also a high need for freedom of movement and being comfortable when wearing your work clothes. So, the components of a good quality workwear are that they must be comfortable, durable and above all else, help you to stay safe when you are working.

Our top workwear brands

Here at Hirst Footwear, we offer an array of workwear choices from top brands such as Dickies, Muck Boot and Dunderon, along with multiple others. Check out our top workwear and safety footwear picks for 2022 below:

Grafters Workwear

Mens Grafters Combat Cadet Boots


Grafters have been producing high quality workwear since 2011. Their boots are second to none and they have a large selection, from sturdy, combat steel toe cap boots to the smart yet secure chelsea style boots.


Grafters are a great choice as they can be used for multiple practical uses; for patrol boots, combat cadet boots and rigger boots. Some of the boot selections are waterproof to add further protection.


Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen West Ham Construction Work Trousers


Hirst has a great range of Helly Hansen workwear products, from boots to trousers and jackets, even quality hi-vis workwear.


A great choice for construction workers is the Helly Hansen West Ham Construction Work Trousers. These trousers are highly durable and made with both polyester and cotton, making them very comfortable. They also have many pockets, meaning you can have everything you need on your person.


Helly Hansen also offers a hi vis waterproof jacket, so that those cold and wet Monday mornings are made a little less miserable when working outside at the site.

Dickies Workwear

Mens Dickies Cordoba Safety Work Boots


Dickies have been in the workwear business for a while now and have not stopped producing quality workwear and footwear since day one.


Dickies workwear products are very high quality, fashionable and reasonably priced. For instance, the Cordoba Safety Work Boots are a great choice and are surprisingly well priced. Dickies also offer ear defenders in case you are working with loud machinery.


The classic, ever-popular Dickies trousers are also great for work, with specific styles available to suit you at work.

Dewalt Workwear

Dewalt Workwear Memphis Multi Pocket Grey/Black Tradesman Trousers


Dewalt workwear is a great choice when looking for quality, protective clothing. If you are searching for great quality workwear trousers which are stylish, comfortable and practical, the Dewalt Memphis Multi Pocket trousers are a great purchase. With vast amounts of pockets and flexibility, you get freedom of movement all day.

Working in the hotter months of the year can be hard and sweltering work in long trousers - Dewalt have workwear shorts which still give you great pocket space but allow for the cool breeze to reach your legs.

Snickers Workwear

Mens Snickers AllRoundWork 9023 Fisherman Beanie Hat


The weather in the UK is predictably unpredictable; Snickers workwear is way ahead of the UK weather and have based their clothing range around that. When working outside on site, it is important to make sure that you are warm - Snickers Fisherman Beanie Hat can ensure this.


When working in the trades industry, it is common that you find yourself on your hands and knees. Over time this can damage your knee joints leading to further problems down the line and possibly putting you out of work. Snickers have high quality knee pads to stop you from causing yourself injuries.

Shop top workwear brands with Hirst Footwear


Not only do we supply products from the brands stated above, but also many more within the workwear category.


Instead of you having to surf the web for hours and hours to find the right workwear for you, we’ve compiled this list of the best workwear brands to ensure that you’re getting a good deal and that you are buying good quality workwear that will not only last, but will be comfortable too.


Shop our entire workwear range online today with fast, free delivery!


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