Our Top Trainer Picks for Kids

Our Top Trainer Picks for Kids

Trainers are a popular style of shoes amongst a range of different ages, but they are especially popular amongst kids. Your kids will likely love to run around and play outside, which is why it’s important they have a good pair of robust, yet comfortable trainers.

At Hirst Footwear, we have a great selection of affordable kids trainers to choose from that will keep your kids happy and provide you with the peace of mind knowing that their feet are protected.

What trainers are popular with kids?

There are a variety of different styles and shapes of trainers that are popular with kids, but the most common and popular style tends to be those which have chunky soles and easy fastenings, such as velcro straps.

Besides this, children typically love trainers that are bright, colourful and have unique features such as prints, patterns and embellishments. Trainers like this come in a number of styles, from hi-tops to those with thick soles.

Are trainers good for kids' feet?

Trainers can be great for kids' feet as they provide protection without being overly restrictive. As long as they are fitted correctly, trainers provide a lot of support for your kids feet, while still allowing for good movement and flexibility.

As long as the trainers are lightweight, your kids should be able to run and play freely without the risk of developing any sores.

What are the most comfortable styles of trainers for kids?

The most comfortable styles of trainers for kids are those which provide support and comfort, whilst still being easy to run around and play in.

Canvas trainers are a great style of trainer, perfect for spring and summer. They usually come with a rubber sole which is ideal for providing flexibility in every step.

One of the broadest styles of trainers are the running and walking trainers. This style of trainer provides great comfort, support and style that both you and your children will look for in a pair of trainers.

Sporty trainers usually come with a lifted, chunky sole which can help your kids with stability and prevents any slips or trips.

What are the most durable types of trainers for kids?

Kids trainers that are made out of materials such as rubber, leather and synthetic materials tend to be the most durable.

These materials are very easily cleaned, which is perfect if your kids love to run and play outside a lot. When dirt and debris doesn’t get cleaned off shoes, it can cause them to deteriorate quite quickly. With these materials, it is super simple to remove the dirt and therefore, prolong their lifespan.

Best trainers for boys

The Skechers Kids Microspec Max Torvix Black Trainer are a sporty style of trainer that combine all the style and comfort your child needs. They are a lightweight slip-on pair which feature mesh and synthetic uppers with shock-absorbing cushioned midsoles.


These trainers also feature hook and loop fastenings for ease of putting on/ taking off. They have flexible traction outsoles and are also machine washable, which makes removing dirt and debris super easy.

The Bull Boys T-Rex Dinosaur Blue Light Up Flashing Trainers Shoes are a super fun pair of trainers that your kids will love wearing. These trainers come in a blue mesh with contrasting orange accents and a cool 3D T-Rex on the outer sides.

The Bull Boys also feature blue light up soles that flash with every step, meaning your kids won’t want to take these trainers off their feet. When they do need to come off, these trainers have hook and loop fastenings making them easy for your kids to do by themselves.

The Boys Skechers Equalizer 2.0 Turbopulse Black/blue Memory Foam Trainers are an athletic and versatile trainer that delivers on comfort thanks to the memory foam footbed. Thanks to the stretch knit fabric, these trainers are incredibly breathable and lightweight.


The relaxed fit design provides a roomy fit while the synthetic heel overlay provides extra stability alongside the dual lite lightweight shock absorbing midsole.


Best trainers for girls

The Skechers Kids Uno Gen 1 Butterfly Zooms White Multi Memory Foam Trainers Shoes are a fashionable lace-up style of trainer that feature embossed synthetic durabuck upper with painted butterfly design. These trainers also feature the Skechers air-cooled memory foam insoles and wedge cushioned soles.


These trainers also feature flexible traction outsoles and shock absorbing midsoles for additional comfort and support.

The Skechers Kids Dreamy Lites Colorfull Prism Grey/Mint Slip In Trainers Shoes are an easy, hands free slip-on pair of trainers that come in a colourful synthetic shimmer fabric, providing all the breathability you’d expect from a lightweight shoe.


The stretch laces make these trainers ideal for a variety of different food widths and the moulded heel provides additional comfort and support alongside the air cooled memory foam insoles.

The Lelli Kelly Daisy White Multi Elastic Trainers are a fashionable pair of trainers that still provide the protection and comfort you’d expect to see from your kids trainers.

The elasticated laces come with hook and loop fastenings which makes them incredibly easy for your kids to take off/ put on by themselves. These trainers also feature soft leather linings for extra comfort and support for when your kids are playing.

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